Carla Victoria
I am from Florida. I am 19 years old.
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FMP: Day 2


What is FMP?

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The ‘Fancy Monday’ Project (FMP): Day 1

Broke the rules and totally did not wear uniform.

What is FMP?

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The ‘Fancy Monday’ Project:

Inspired by the lovely minds of my group of friends.

So a couple of weeks back a couple guy friends of mine came up with the brilliant idea of having a ‘Classy Monday’ (soon after changed to Fancy Monday), to brighten up a persons usual mundane monday by dressing up nice. Although, majority of the original participants have given up on being fancy. I have taken it upon myself to not only continue the fancy, but to make a project of sorts.

Dress classy and/or fancy every single monday from now until graduation.

Considering that I attend a public high school every monday I will have to follow the dress code rules of:
-Polo shirts, oxfords, and undershirts must be the school colors in black, grey, white, and hunter green
-Boys may wear black, khaki, or jean pants or Bermuda shorts that fall to the knees
-Girls may wear capris or pants in the same shades
-Shoes must still have a back-strap, and skirts of any kind are no longer permitted
-School T-Shirts are allowed
And without repeating outfits.

I plan on documenting my fancy shmancy outfits.

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